Our History

…upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it!

– Matthew 16:18


These are the words of our founder Jesus Christ. It is here where our history begins; in the heart and mind of God. So as we reflect existence is limited by space and time, yet universally we are eternal.

The Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church was organized in 1869 from a wing of the Sweetwater Baptist Church. Rev. Tom West, pastor of Sweetwater, along with several deacons from that church- Andrew Story, Solomon Norris, and Dave Montgomery helped to organize this place of worship for its black members. Some of the founding members were: Danford Richard, Jesse Lewis, Tom Usry, Daniel Showers Sr. Anderson Lowe were ordained as deacons. Financial contributions toward the founding of the church were given by the following persons: Rev. Tom West-$25.00, Deacon Andrew Story-$25.00, Deacon Solomon Norris-$25.00. Bro. Jim Norris donated 3 acres of land. Contributions by the members of Mt. Pleasant were: Rev. Mike Wilson-$10.00, Deacon Daniel Showers-$5.00, Bro. Danford Wilson-$5.00

Rev. Mike Wilson served as pastor for eighteen years. During this time, he ordained to the ministry Rev. C.C. Reid . Rev. Wilson and the great men and women during this era in our history lit a torch of faith; held it high above the dehumanizing elements in our society and passed it on for us to continue along the darkened path.

In 1887, Rev. A.S. Blanchard was called as pastor. For three years under Rev. Blanchard ‘ s ministry, Mt. Pleasant continued to remain as a haven of rest and refuge for those whom the Lord sent our way.

In 1890, Rev J.W. Williams was called to pastor our flock. After a full and complete ministry , Rev. Williams was called from service to reward. Twenty-three years of service. Brother J.H. Demons was licensed to the ministry. The many blessings brought to those who served can not be imagined.

In 1913, Rev. J.R. Pinkston was called to serve. He served for five years and rendered wonderful service to the church and to the community.

In 1919, Rev. C.J. Jones accepted the pastorship of Mt. Pleasant. For eight years he labored among the people, leading them on through the many difficulties of life.

In 1927, Rev. Jones was succeeded by Rev. P.A. Green. After fulfilling the Sunday morning obligations for several months, it was voted by the membership that Rev. Green would become the next pastor.

For thirty years as pastor, Rev. Green led Mt. Pleasant through the wilderness of life .He was moved by God and this membership , where he served both faithfully. Rev. Green licensed the following brothers as ministers: Sanders Simmons and T. H . Dunaway. Yet on May 23, 1957, Rev. Green was called from labor unto reward. After the death of Rev. Green, the pulpit was vacant for eleven months.

On April 3, 1958 the Rev J.H. West was called as pastor for the period of twelve months .After a year of faithful service the church consented to be led by Rev. West for as long as he and church could agree. On August 23, 1983, Rev. J.H. West answered the call of the master after 26 years of service to the Mt. Pleasant family. As we look back through his years of service, we should thank God for the untiring service Rev. West gave to us in a manner of humility and sincerity.

Throughout the remainder of 1983 and early 1984, we were like sheep without a shepherd; like children without a father.

On June 3, 1984, our pulpit was occupied by an interim pastor, Rev. Tyrone P. Jones III of Augusta, GA. However, on January 2, 1985, Rev. Jones announced that the third Sunday in January would be his last Sunday as pastor.

On the first Sunday in September, 1985, the Lord sent to us the Rev. Ronald G. Toney. A man of faith and courage, Rev. Toney’s first move was to lead the church into full-time service. On the first Sunday in January, 1986, Mt. Pleasant began to have worship services every Sunday.

On March 21, 1993, God spoke to another one of his shepherds, Rev. Ronald Toney, just as he spoke to Abraham and Moses. And as Abraham and Moses obeyed God, so must Rev. Toney. When we think of Rev. Toney’s commission, we are reminded of the Psalm’s verse which is paraphrased to say, “We will do His will without reservation.”

After seven months without a pastor-teacher, on October 1, 1993, God worked in a wonderful way by Leading the congregation to solemnly extend a call to A. McKinley Royal. Pastor Royal’s installation service was held on February 13, 1994.

Pastor Royal led the church for seven years. Seven as we know is the number for completion. Having completed his task at Mt. Pleasant, Pastor Royal accepted a call to move on. Believing that His will must be done, Pastoral Royal announced that the third Sunday in November would be his last Sunday at Mt. Pleasant. We are grateful to God for bringing Pastor Royal and His family our way.

Under his Pastorate, Mt. Pleasant ordained two Ministers: Rev. Andrew Grant, Greenbranch Baptist Church, Thomson, GA. , and Rev. L. Everett Williams, First Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, Appling, GA .

Due to declining health, Dea. Willie Lazenby Jr. resigned as Chairman of the Deacon Board. Dea. Lazenby served as chairman over 18 years. The church showed it’s appreciation and honored him with Dea. Willie Lazenby’s Day. The church voted Dea. Solomon Lazenby Jr. to succeed Dea. Willie Lazenby. Dea. Ervin Hart was elected Vice Chairman by the church. Other members include Willie Lazenby Sr., Willie Lazenby Jr., E.V. Morgan, John Askew, Leverette Coleman, Joseph Snow, J.T. Williams, Tommy West Jr., and George Jones.

The Deacon Board aware of their duties took charge and formed a Search Committee.

From November 2000 until August 2001, the pulpit was lifted with powerful messengers from several states. On September 2, 2001, the Rev. Walter S. Thompson began pastorate duties of Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church. After a month of service, Rev. Thompson resigned.

Once again, the Search Committee humbly sought the leadership of the Lord as they searched for His man to lead them as Pastor. On January 25, 2002, the Search Committee recommended that Rev. Anthoni Duanne McElrath become pastor. On February 17, 2002, Pastor McElrath became the Shepherd of our Flock.

An Installation Banquet was held for Pastor McElrath at Thomson High School on November 2, 2002. Mt. Pleasant officially installed Pastor McElrath on November 3, 2002.

On July 8, 2005, Pastor McElrath resigned.

Although without a pastor, the church licensed Robert Finch and Patricia Lazenby to preach the Gospel on December 11, 2005.

On February 19, 2006 after months of prayer and patience, the Search Committee recommended that Rev. Darnell A. Brantley, Sr., from Cleveland, Ohio, be called as pastor. God sent us our new pastor on March 19, 2006.

Mt. Pleasant has experienced tremendous growth during Rev. Brantley’s administration. Under his watchful eye, a new church has been constructed. The older church has been renovated into a fellowship hall. A sixty-six passenger bus has been purchased, acquired land adjacent to current older church to build the new church. Countless souls have been saved!

Before Jesus went to Heaven to sit on the right hand of His Father, God, He told his disciples “I’m going to prepare a place for you and where I go, you will be able to go also”. Glory be to God, He is still calling, preparing and equipping new soldiers on earth to teach, minister and preach the good news of God’s holy and righteous word to the saved and unsaved; therefore changing lives and moving to a higher level through Jesus Christ our Lord, our Savior and our best friend. We praise God for the awesome anointing on Rev. Robert Finch and Rev. Patricia Lazenby. They were ordained on January 25, 2009. Two ministers have been licensed to preach: Minister Patrick Simmons’ initial sermon was preached on Sunday, July 29, 2007. Minister Mantrell Wilson’s initial sermon was preached on Sunday, May 18, 2008. Five brothers have been set aside for deacons: Bros. Michael Berry, James Brown, Kenneth Crockett, Robert Hunt and Marcus Reynolds. Many ministries have been restructured as well as established. Pastor Brantley resigned on April 19, 2009.


Once again the Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church Family came together and selected a Pastoral Search Committee. God revealed through His Holy Spirit the Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church Body to continue to trust in the Lord and He will direct our path. We prayed to God to send His Visionary Messenger.

We prayed and we prayed!!! God heard our humble prayers. As we continued to pray and fast for a compassionate Pastor, Preacher, Teacher, Counselor and Friend for God’s Kingdom building, we begin to hear God’s Spirit speaking to our hearts.

The Pastoral Search Committee recommended Rev. Rodney Lockett to become the Pastor of Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church and the church body lovingly and excited agreed at the called church conference on November 20, 2009. Rev. Lockett was contacted by phone during the conference; he accepted the call to Pastor Mt. Pleasant. Rev. Lockett’s first official Sunday in the pulpit was the first Sunday in December, December 6, 2009. Pastor Lockett and First Lady Lockett and the entire family are truly a blessing to the church and the surrounding community.

Pastor Lockett’s Installation Service was held on Sunday, March 7, 2010. Rev. Ronald G. Toney and Lizzie Chapel Baptist Church was in charge of the service. The presence of the Lord’s Spirit was high and many testimonies were shared with the Church Body. Under Pastor Lockett’s watchful eye, five deacons have been ordained; Bros. Michael Berry, James Brown, Kenneth Crockett, Robert Hunt, and Marcus Reynolds. The Deacons’ Ordination Service was held on Sunday, April 25, 2010. Rev. Andrew Grant and Cody Grove Baptist Church were in charge of the service.

Rev. Rodney Lockett, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and inspired by God, one of his first moves revealed to him was Rev. 1:3, Blessed are the people who read God’s Holy Word and Blessed are the people who hear His message and to what is written in the Holy Bible. This gave birth to fasting, praying and reading through the Bible in a year. Rev. Lockett teaches with knowledge and compassionate understanding that captures the attention of the young people as well as all that hears him. Pastor Lockett’s God inspired powerful messages have planted many seeds on fertile ground and has given birth to many receiving and accepting the greatest invitation in life, Jesus Christ. Yes, many souls have been saved!!! However, we must continue to plant more seeds for Kingdom Building for the Lord. Sis. Triyoko Johnson heard and accepted God’s calling upon her life and preached her initial sermon on August 15, 2010. Let the Redeem say so. The church bestowed a License of Ministry to Preach God’s Holy Word to Minister Johnson.

Understanding we are one body in unity for Christ and in addition to preaching, ongoing Christian Education, love, support and fellowshipping, some would still fall within the cracks of life. Therefore Rev. Lockett was inspired by God and the church body lovingly agreed on January 7, 2011 to give birth to a Deaconess and Mother’s Ministry to assist with the needs and concerns to help nurture and encourage others in the church as they are led by the Spirit of God.

As we continue to be “Under God’s Construction” – “Be Transformed” as a work in progress for God’s Kingdom Building. We will continue to thank, worship and praise God for all “He” has done!! We give God all the Honor, Praise and Glory for what “He” will continue to do through this Body of Christ.